Kadama UX Design / Web Development Internship


What is Kadama?

Kadama is a start up company that aims to make every day tasks easier by connecting service providers to people who need something done such as a task or service. They have an iPhone app that they primarily focus development on as well as a website. They tend to focus on user centric design and put the customer and community first.

Project Goals & Process

The main project I worked on was Kadama websites 2.0 release. Overall this process included general prototyping, user research, and finally actually developing the website. The process took longer than expected as Kadama is a start up. Learning about what users want in the real world was a lot more difficult than a classroom assignment. Regardless, I will go step by step as to what I did and how I did it to a finished and released product

Before We Start

I would like to highlight the role, context, tools, and process used for this project


- UX Researcher & Designer / Web Developer


- Internship Summer 2018


- Adobe XD

- Adobe Photoshop

- Bootstrap



- Site Map

- User Research

- Wireframe

- Development

- Testing

Brief & Persona

I would say that about half my time was spent developing the actual website and the other half spent on discussing prototypes for these websites. In terms of a brief and persona; these were already predetermined


The objective set was to help develop a user friendly and accessible Kadama website. The other objective was to add a design element to Kadama which was unique so that users are able to access information swiftly and see what they want to see.

Although this was very broad, it gave me and the team wiggle room as we worked closely to the CEO. (We were the first batch of interns at Kadama)


Unlike other UX projects, a strict persona was not given. This may be due to Kadama being a newer company.



Kadama had a generally professional and good looking site. But the site unfortunately was a one pager with too much information that our reader or persona did not want to know or see. This led me and my team down a spiral of research on all the popular sites and what they did. Another issue was that the site was not appealing to the audience. It looked great in general, but the color scheme was monotone and did not pop whatsoever. This is when we at Kadama began to develop branding for Kadama.

Changes Made

Unfortunatly, I cannot show the code used for the company

Behance Portfolio

In order to keep this page simple and for more accessibility, I will be posting the changes made on Behance.

Click here to view changes made.